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Unfortunately, I am raising the prices on my edge to edge quilting. If you take a moment to compare pricing you will find that I am still more affordable than most of the machine quilters.  If you have any questions about my quilting or price increase, please let me know. 

Computer Guided Quilting Edge to Edge  
New prices will now be .01 per square inch for all machine quilting. Minimum charge of $30. I have found that most of the computer stitching is taking between 15 – 20 minutes per row. I am investing more and more time with the more detailed stitching. This is edge to edge, I do not do custom work.
Please read the following
I really do not enjoy charging anything other than the actual quilting charge. But at this point I have had circumstances with quilts, batting or something else that forces me to ask that you take a second look before handing me your quilt.
Quilt Love Charges……
If your backing is too short for me to work with (less than 8” larger than the top). I will need to add additional fabric to the backing to make it large enough for me to work with. Unfortunately, if the selvages are not removed and I may need to make additional adjustments before loading the backing which may result in an additional charge.
If you supply your own batting, PLEASE, cut the batting to the correct size. If you are sending batting for several quilts I may not measure the same as you and this might result in a batting shortage. If I have to cut YOUR batting, there may be an additional charge.
Please take the time to press your top and back.  Inspect it for open seams and trim threads.  Open seams are my worst nightmare and attached threads are also unpleasant for me to work with. 
Additional Charges
There may be an additional charge for a box to return your quilt. It has become increasingly more difficult for me to find sturdy boxes, and I am currently purchasing them.
Payment is not required at the time you ship your quilt. Once the quilt is complete I will get the actual shipping charges and let you know the entire amount due. Once payment is received, the quilt will be returned.
As always, if you have any questions please email me I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

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